Jorge Hank’s arrest and other news

Two of my most-reported topics over the years — guns and the Hank family — converged in the news this weekend with the arrest of Jorge Hank Rhon on firearms charges. The man allegedly had illegal guns at home — a LOT of guns.

It’s been years since I’ve reported on the Hanks, one of Mexico’s most powerful political families, (and survived unscathed after their $10 million lawsuit threat). I didn’t even catch the US diplomat’s cable about him, released by Wikileaks (click here for the cable, describing how a suspected drug trafficker wanted by the US found safe harbor at Hank’s racetrack.

To see what Mr. Jorge Hank apparently thinks of my reporting, you can scroll to the very bottom of this story: “With that, we end this interview.”

Now, with Mexico rising from a deep slumber during its drug wars — the peace caravan to Juárez being a shining example of peoples’ mobilization — I figure it’s time to get back up to speed.

After all, the things I report on here in the US are all part of the same transnational narco-war that is destroying so many lives in so many countries.

Speaking of organized crime, violence and narco-trafficking, I’ll soon (at the suggestion of a friend) be posting a complete archive of all my Operation Valley Star stories. There are a freakin’ ton of them my friends, and this site will be their final repository.

ps. By the way, my pal Alfredo Corchado‘s soon-to-be published book is going to help a lot of us better understand the bi-national drug wars. Can’t wait till it comes out!

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