On assignment with co-reporter George Sanchez

My radio work ranges from my own investigations on juvenile justice, nonprofit hospitals and prisons to behind-the-scenes reporting for stories on NPR’s All Things Considered and American Radio Works.

Police corruption scandal in King City, one year later | KAZU-fm  and The Monterey County Herald| In King City, California, the whole concept of safety got turned on its head  last year when two former police chiefs and four officers — more than a third of the force — were arrested. The most serious charge involved a towing and car theft scheme that prosecutors say targeted the town’s low-income Latinos. Today, more than a year later, relations between police and residents are still, well, complicated.

A Courthouse Fixture Fights to Stay Afloat | KAZU-fm  and The Monterey County Herald
Randy Henson is part of the nation’s long-running “blind vendor” program, and like many, he has to fight to make a living

Down for Life series | KAZU-fm  Part 1 Part 2Part 3
Multimedia: A Long Night’s Wait at Salinas Valley State Prison

| KAZU-fm and The Monterey County Herald
Honesty and the Hospital with Michael Montgomery | Marketplace
Non-profit Hospital – Or a Scam?
with Steve Henn | Marketplace

I contributed reporting to these investigative radio projects and regional news stories:

Locked Down | American Radio Works
Terrorists and Loopholes in U.S. Gun Laws
| NPR’s All Things Considered
Immigration rally empties fields, transform Salinas
| KAZU-fm

San Quentin Security
| KQED-fm / The California Report / The Monterey County Herald

The Salinas Valley, photo © Janjaap Dekker